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Towns: Nongoma

Nongoma was established in 1888 on the boundary between two warring Zulu factions - the uSuthu and Mandlakazi.

Zululand: Nongoma

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  Needless to say one of the factions eventually burned it to the ground.  Today, it is a busy trading village.

Near the town is the Ntendeka Wilderness Area. Adjacent to the area is the Ngome State Forest, a series of precipitous cliffs ('Ntendeka') that afford marvellous panoramic views of the countryside. There are more than 180 tree and shrub species and the whole area is one of peace and tranquillity. There are hiking trails, camp sites and picnic spots.

The forest was used by the chief Mzilikazi who had fallen out of favour with King Shaka to hide with his supporters. Shaka eventually forced them out and they moved to what became the Transvaal and formed the Matabele nation.

Eventually, a few years later the kingdom suffered disastrous defeats at the hands of the Voortrekkers and they migrated yet again to what became Zimbabwe.

Near the town is the village of Babanango with a famous pub. The name means 'there it is' from the hill overlooking the village.

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Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide