Tourism, Accommodation and Historical Attractions in Natal, South Africa

The Midlands Region


Karkloof, a beautiful picnic spot and site of one of man's first flights.

The Natal Midlands: Karkloof

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The highest point - Mount Gilboa - is almost 1800m above sea level and commands unsurpassed views of the Midlands. Most of the Karkloof is heavily wooded either with plantations or protected indigenous forest.

The Karkloof Nature Reserve is a 900ha area of yellowwood and stinkwood in which the rare martial eagles breed. The Karkloof Falls is a delightful spot with picnic, swimming and braai spots.

John Goodman Household

In this unlikely area, one of the firsts in aviation history was accomplished here.

Household fabricated a glider based on the form of a vulture he had killed. It was made of oiled fabric and bamboo. In 1871, fearlessly launching himself from the top of a kloof, he glided the full width of the valley - well over a kilometre - before crashing into a tree and breaking his leg.

His mother dissuaded him from any more foolish pursuits.

The Karkloof Trail

The trail goes through a SAPPI plantation and takes about 6 hours with a 4km stretch above the Karkloof waterfall.

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