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Durban Roads and Airports

Durban's Transportation: the N3 freeway to Johannesburg starts in Durban. The N2 from Cape Town passes through Durban.
Durban Accommodation Guide

Durban Transportation

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For a holiday city, Durban is well supplied with excellent roads as a result of its industrial base. The N3 connects the city to Gauteng, approximately 600kms to the north west. For most of its length it is divided four lane freeway.

Part of the road is tolled although there is an alternate (and more picturesque) route. Toll fees for the average car are approximately $25 each way. Driving between Johannesburg and Durban takes something over 4½ hours and most Drakensberg resorts can be reached within 3 hours. Zululand game reserves are about the same driving time.

 The N2 from Cape Town passes through the city on its way to Swaziland. South, as far as Margate the road is four lane dual carriageway and north, the road is effectively four lane freeway as far as Richards Bay (1½ hours away).

There are several tolls on this stretch (~$5). The Zululand game reserves may be reached in approximately 2½ hours and the Kruger Park in 7 hours.

The speed limit on the freeways is officially 120km/hour, on rural roads, 100 km/hour and in urban areas, 60 km/hour. Although at the official limit, overseas drivers on freeways may well be forgiven that the speed limit is 180 km/h.

However, there is a policy of 'zero tolerance' in KwaZulu-Natal and fines may be several thousand rands. The alcohol limit is similarly enforced and the official limit is in line with many overseas countries at 0.08mg/ml.

Air Travel

Two airports serve Durban. 15kms to the South of the city is Durban International Airport (formerly Louis Botha). There are several minibus lines that transport visitors to the city and many hotels have courtesy buses.

However, this airport is due for closure in May 2010 and all air traffic is to be transferred to the new King Shaka airport, north of Durban at la Mercy.

The second airport is Virginia, some 5kms north of the city centre, almost on the beach. This handles light aircraft and helicopters.

Sea Travel

There is no regular marine commuting route from Durban. However, the MS Sinfonia (58,000 tons) is based in Durban and offers a variety of cruises down to Cape Town, to nowhere in particular and north to Mozambique and Mauritius.

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