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Durban Tourism

The original wagon trail between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Wonderful views, shopping centres, villages, safari parks, Zulu experiences, curio shops and restaurants. 15 miles from Durban.
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Durban Tourism

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Another string to Durban's bow is tourism, which accounts for a significant portion of the revenue to the DMA and comprises almost half of all tourism trips in South Africa.

Formerly the de facto choice for South Africans, Durban suffered as a result of crime but has latterly regained its preeminence over Cape Town.

It has also suffered as a result of aggressive marketing by other resorts in KwaZulu-Natal. Tourism in Durban is expected to grow by approximately 6%pa with the profile of its visitors changing from white middle class to an increasing number of urbanised, middle class Africans.

Because of its industrial nature, Durban is almost as popular as the Gauteng region.

Overseas tourists to Durban make up approximately 30% of the total to South Africa but comprise only 6% of the total to Durban. This proportion should be somewhat higher and is hampered by the lack of a suitable airport.

Plans to replace the current airport have been on hold for some years and the pressure is growing to complete the King Shaka Airport north of Durban at La Mercy.

In general, prospects for growth in the tourism market are optimistic with enough potential for tourism to replace gold as the country's major foreign exchange earner.

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