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Durban's Places of Religion

The Indian community has created some of the most spectacular houses of worship.
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Durban's Places of Religion

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The Cato Manor Temples

Located immediately to the west of the Berea lies a large tract of land called Cato Manor. This was once a busy community of Indians and Africans that was dispossessed and relocated under the apartheid laws. During their time in Cato Manor, the Indian Hindu community built many temples that are still in use today. There are several along Bellair Road, at one of which, each Easter, there is fire walking.

Bellair Road, Cato Manor

Urban Temples

A trip along Umgeni Road will bring you past one of the oldest temples in South Africa. Its architecture is essentially the same as that found in South India and is kept busy with frequent functions.

In nearby Somstseu Road, another temple complex dates from the same period.

The Temple of Understanding

Durban Accommodation GuideThe Hare Krishna movement in South Africa has as its focus this wonderful temple with its soaring spires and surrounding moat. The interior is an unbelievable assault on the senses with beautiful marble, pillars, paintings, murals and mirrors. A must see. There are guided tours and an audiovisual presentation. Beneath the temple, Govinda's serves inexpensive tasty vegetarian food. The temple is in Chatsworth, near the Higginson Highway (M1)

50 Bhaktivedanta Swami Circle, Unit 5 Chatsworth Daily: 10.00 - 20.30 031 403 3328

Katha and Janda

These are red (and occasionally yellow) triangular flags on tall bamboo poles that you will see flying from many Hindu houses. The flag is part of a ceremony that involves a priest telling a story of the triumph of good over evil (Katha) and then the raising of the flag (Janda). The ceremony may be performed as the result of a specific vow or simply the expression of thanksgiving.


Durban Accommodation GuideDurban has a large Muslim community and thus has a healthy collection of mosques. The most famous example of which is the Jumma Musjid Mosque in Grey Street, the largest in the Southern hemisphere, accommodating 5000.

There are tours of the mosque, pointing out items of importance to the Moslem faith. Note: Men should not wear shorts and women should wear long skirts or pants.

Queen St. 031 306 0026

The Ramakrishna Centre

This centre is a non-denominational retreat.

Durban North (Avoca turnoff from the N2)

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