Tourism, Accommodation and Historical Attractions in Durban, South Africa


Durban Prices

Durban prices are generally less than those of Europe and the US but in some areas, are catching up.
Durban Accommodation Guide

Durban Prices

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These prices may vary through a wide range and are approximate (as at July 2009). This is a good guide.

Petrol (Gasoline)

Both leaded (97 octane) and unleaded (95 octane) fuel is readily obtainable currently (May 2009) at R10.60 per litre ($1.20/USgal)(0.80/litre)


Milk: 30p/Litre; 12p:15 USc/pint; $1/US gal.

Bread per loaf: 60p: 30 USc

Accommodation etc.

Bed and Breakfast rates: £21 to £40 per night ($10 - $20).

Hotel rates: £20 to £40 per night ($30 - $40).

Standard Steakhouse main course: £3 - £4 ($3 - $4).

Starters and Desserts: £2 ($2).

Beer: There is only one major brewer in South Africa (South African Breweries). However Robson's Beer is a great local brew!

Typical local beer prices (340ml): 35p (50US cents).

Imported beer: (500ml): 60p (70 US cents).

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