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Durban's Galleries

Classic art and African cultural artefacts are well represented in Durban.
Durban Accommodation Guide

Durban Galleries

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 The Bartel Arts Trust Centre comprises a large hall in which performances are held, several resource centres, shops and artists' studios in which one may see the artists at work, the Bayside Gallery and Perspektive gift shop.

The centre also exhibits art from previously disadvantaged communities and when your feet finally fail, the Zansi Restaurant overlooks the harbour.

The BAT Shop sells a wide variety of ethnic items, the Intensive Care Cafe slakes your thirst and the Drum Shop sells many different types of drums and African xylophones.

The Indlovu Link is a dance company promotes a very wide variety of dance forms from classical to ethnic to hip hop.

45 Maritime Place, Small Craft Harbour, 10.00 to late daily.

The Durban Art Gallery

The gallery is located in the City Hall and displays a variety of ethnic beadwork, ceramics, sculptures and baskets. Temporary exhibitions are held regularly.

The paintings on show include British, French and Dutch paintings as well as work by increasing numbers of African artists. Guided tours are available as well as Saturday morning classes for teenagers in beadwork, wirework and basket weaving.

There are facilities for the disabled, a shop, a coffee bar, lectures and film shows.

The NSA Gallery

The gallery is situated in a modern, airy building on Bulwer Road on the Berea (adjacent to Bulwer Park) and houses displays of KZN art, current exhibitions and a shop full of basketry, beadwork, ceramics, glassware, carvings and other curios.

There is also a restaurant and studios where one may watch the artists at work. The NSA is a non profit organization whose income is used to encourage local artists. The gallery also runs classes for youngsters.

The African Art Centre

 The centre is a non-profit institution whose principle focus is to promote African art forms and encourage the traditional crafts. To this end, it sponsors courses in such activities and publicizes the work of local artists through exhibitions and thus acts as part gallery and part shop.

The Centre has a prodigious selection of African art including beadwork, rugs, basketry and wood carvings. In addition to the traditional African artefacts, there are contemporary offerings such as wirework bicycles and baskets made from telephone wire.

The Old Station (Tourist Junction), Pine Street.

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