Tourism, Accommodation and Historical Attractions in Natal, South Africa

The Natal Drakensberg

An Introduction to the 'Berg'.

The Natal Drakensberg mountains are a major tourism destination for campers, vacationers, climbers and those who love the outdoors.

The Natal Drakensberg

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  • A 250,000 acre UNESCO World Heritage Site,
  • Six reserves, wilderness areas and state forests,
  • Bushman (San) rock art - 600 sites and 35,000 paintings,
  • Mountain hiking, rambling, trailing, climbing, camping, Zulu crafts,
  • Leopards, baboons, eland, buck, eagles, vultures,
  • A perfect, year-round vacation climate,
  • Lodging: bed and breakfasts, guest houses, lodges, luxury hotels, family hotels
  • Informal accommodation: backpackers, camping, caravanning.

Zulu people call these mountains "uKhuhlamba" - 'Barrier of Spears' which the sharp pinnacles resemble. Dutch settlers called them the "Drakensberg" - 'Dragon Mountains' because of the fierce summer thunderstorms in the fastnesses of the high mountains.

'Drakensberg' or 'Ukhuhlamba', tourists will leave with memories of an unforgettable vacation.

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Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide