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The Natal Drakensberg

Drakensberg: Hiking Tips.

Hiking Hints for the Drakensberg.

Hiking Tips

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Some Drakensberg hiking tips to be read BEFORE you set out on your walk or hike, particularly if it will be in the high Berg.

Enjoy yourselves but please leave our mountains pristine please!

  • Firstly do not rush. Take time to enjoy the silence, have a cup of tea, take a cooling dip in a mountain stream.
  • Complete the Mountain Register and report back on your return if you plan to hike to the high Berg.
  • Prevent blisters by wearing two pairs of socks.
  • Wear in new shoes by putting dry soap on the heels of the outer pair of socks.
  • Carry LARGE dressings to cover blisters!
  • Make your pack as light as possible - of course.
  • Get a fishing permit and live off trout (as long as you can fly fish!)
  • Carry lightweight foods, matches, knife, torch, stove, toilet paper, passport and maps. Use plastic or aluminium containers.
  • Listen to the weather report before departure. Hot sunny days can rapidly become freezing cold and wet.
  • If you are camping, buy the best possible tent and ensure that the flysheet reaches all the way to the ground.
  • Never light a fire in an unauthorised area.
  • Don't touch anything, don't take anything.
  • Bring all your refuse back.
  • Dispose of body waste responsibly and away from camps and paths.
  • Do not leave camp unattended whilst on or near the escarpment.
  • Maps are available from the shops at the camps.

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