Tourism, Accommodation and Historical Attractions in Natal, South Africa

The Natal Drakensberg

Southern Drakensberg: Underberg.

Underberg and Himeville are the focus of the Southern Drakensberg community and have shops, accommodation and restaurants.


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The approach to Underberg provides a panoramic view of the mountains and stopping at the view site outside the town to read the names of the peaks is well worthwhile. Underberg started life as a single store to serve the local farmers.

The local hotels in both Underberg and Himeville (5km away) are popular stopping off points for forays into the mountains. Near Himeville is the Sani Pass Hotel which has a 9 hole golf course, conference facilities and daily trips up the spectacular Sani Pass that claws its way over the escarpment into Lesotho and then on to the Lesotho village of Mokhotlong.

To the west of Underberg is the Drakensberg Gardens Resort and further South, Bushman's Nek where a mountain path extends over the border into Lesotho and from where the 5 day, 60km Giants Cup National hiking Way Trail from Sani Pass ends. The scenery of this area is such that it is best explored on horseback and both Ezemvelo Wildlife and local resorts offer the service.

Once a year in the autumn (Easter) at Splashy Fen, there is an extremely popular Woodstock-like music festival that attracts several thousand afficionados of folk/blues/alternative music and its participants from all over Southern Africa.

This area is possibly the centre for fly fishing in South Africa with more than 22 dams/280 hectares and 140 kms of river. The Underberg Trout Fishing Club offers day tickets to its dams (033 701 1041).

The Underberg area is also very popular amongst hang gliding enthusiasts. The nearby Richenau Mission on the banks of the Polela River was established in 1886 by Bavarian monks. Accommodation is available (033 701 1891).

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Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide