Tourism, Accommodation and Historical Attractions in Natal, South Africa

The Natal Drakensberg

The Southern Drakensberg

The softer part of the Drakensberg - Underberg, the magnificent Sani Pass, the Mkhomazi Wilderness. Excellent trout fishing.

The Southern Drakensberg

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The Southern Drakensberg was amongst the first areas to be explored by white men when Alan Gardiner visited the area in 1835. One of the earliest Drakensberg hotels - the Drakensberg Gardens Hotel - was established here in 1935.

From Giant's Castle in the north to Bushman's Nek in the south, the climate becomes harsher and the patches of indigenous forest become less common. The Southern Drakensberg is the largest of the three Drakensberg tourism areas and encloses the 140,000 acre Mkohmazi Wilderness Area.

Highmoor Mountain Reserve has a view drive to the top of the Little Berg that affords panoramic views from Giants Castle to Cathkin Peak.

Kamberg is a small reserve with trout dams and a trout hatchery. The Mooi River Trail is an interpretive trail that explains the complex system that is the Drakensberg.

Mkhomazi Nature Reserve is remote and little developed. There are rock art sites in the area that can be visited if a guide is available.

Loteni Mountain Reserve is almost surrounded by the Mkhomazi Wilderness Area and is known for its trout streams and as a jumping off point for serious hikers.

Vergelegen ('far away') is close to the highest point in southern Africa and is traversed by the Mkhomazi river.

Sani Pass is a 'must do' trip. The pass extends from the Police Border Post up ever increasing gradients and tighter zigzags over the summit at 10,000ft. At the summit, the Sani Top Chalet offers accommodation and meals.

Cobham Mountain Reserve is tucked away in the southern Berg and is known as the 'Lake District' because of its extensive wetlands.

Garden Castle was named by one of the early settlers in 1835 because of its resemblance to Edinburgh Castle. A rock art painting depicts men with ox wagons.

Bushman's Nek is the southernmost point of the Natal Drakensberg and there is access to Lesotho and the Sehlaba-Thebe National Park in Lesotho.

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Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide