Tourism, Accommodation and Historical Attractions in Natal, South Africa

The Natal Drakensberg

Northern Drakensberg: the Voortrekkers.

Natal was the promised land for the Voortrekkers in 1837 but first, they had to cross the Drakensberg.

The Voortrekkers

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With the rear wheels removed from the wagons and trees tied behind each one to act as a brake, the train slowly descended what became known as Retief's Pass near Oliviershoek Pass in the Northern Drakensberg.

Retief's daughter painted his name on a stone (Retiefklip) on the way down to celebrate his birthday some days before. At the summit of Oliviershoek Pass (R74), there is a view site that affords a tremendous panorama of the Northern Drakensberg.

At nearby Kerkenberg is a statue of a Voortrekker woman striding away from the Drakensberg in bare feet. This was Susannah Smit, who on hearing of the British annexation of Natal declared that she would do exactly that rather than serve under British rule.

For more information on the Voortrekkers and Natal, see the Great Trek section.

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Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide