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The Natal Drakensberg

Northern: Cathedral Peak Activities

The peaks of Cathedral (3004m), Cathkin (3149m), Champagne Castle (3248m) and Monk's Cowl (3234m) dominate this park.

The Northern Drakensberg: Cathedral Peak Activities

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Cathedral Peak Hike

This hike is one of the more strenuous guided hikes offered in the Drakensberg and, as with any trip to the summit the views are outstanding. One becomes fairly exposed to the elements as one ascends above the tree line, so be prepared for inclement weather. Cathedral Peak Hotel offers a guided trip to the Peak (3000m) on most Wednesdays and Saturdays. Booking is essential.

Doreen Falls

This short walk to a beautiful cascade of water was established by Albert van der Riet founder of Cathedral Peak Hotel, and is offered regularly as a guided trip from the Hotel. The falls take their name from Doreen, Albert's wife. Energetic hikers can join the contour path and track on the plateau above and return to the hotel via Mushroom Rock.

Mike's Pass

This mountain road should preferably only be negotiated in dry conditions. An ordinary vehicle will reach the top of the Pass by taking it slowly. This trip provides outstanding panoramic scenery of the main escarpment.

Rainbow Gorge

A relatively easy walking trail leads into an impressive yellowood forest full of diversity and huge indigenous mature trees and a gorge of rainbows as a waterfall cascades down. In the heart of the gorge two huge boulders have become wedged between the two opposite sandstone walls of the gully.

Mushroom Rock

An extraordinary example of natural weathering where the lower sandstone layers have eroded faster than the harder top layers.

This information has been extracted from the 'Excursions and Information Guide' published by the Drakensberg Publicity Association.

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Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide