Tourism, Accommodation and Historical Attractions in Natal, South Africa

The Natal Drakensberg

The Central Drakensberg: Cathedral Peak

The peaks of Cathedral (3004m), Cathkin (3149m), Champagne Castle (3248m) and Monk's Cowl (3234m) dominate this park.

The Northern Drakensberg: Cathedral Peak

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There are many relaxing walks through the valleys and grasslands of the reserve, the Ndedema Gorge being particularly popular with artists and those interested in Bushman paintings of which there are several worthwhile sites.

Other walks include those to Doreen Falls, the trout hatchery, and Rainbow Gorge with its two huge wedged boulders. The climb to Cathedral Peak itself can be accomplished within a day, as can the climb to Cleft Peak, which affords some of the most magnificent scenery to be found anywhere in the Drakensberg.

Ezemvelo Wildlife administers a small campsite in the Park and there are caves within the Wilderness Area for those who wish to overnight. The luxurious Didima resort is also administered by Ezemvelo Wildlife.

Adjacent to the Park is the Cathedral Peak Hotel which gives the impression of being surrounded by the mountains due to its proximity to the Cathedral Spur which juts out from the main escarpment for 4kms.

Close to the park is Mike's Pass, a vehicular road which climbs the 'Little Drakensberg foothills' and rewards tourists with a marvellous panorama of the Central Drakensberg. There are picnic facilities at the summit of the pass.

To Do:

  • Climb Cathedral Peak or Cleft Peak in a day
  • Take any one of a variety of walks through the grasslands
  • Take the spectacular Mike's Pass drive to the top of the Little Berg for a Berg panorama

To See:

  • See the Bushman paintings in Ndedema Gorge


  • Camping at the Ezemvelo Wildlife site in the reserve
  • Stay at the Cathedral Peak Hotel
  • Enjoy the upmarket Didima self catering chalets run by Ezemvelo Wildlife

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Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide