The Spotted Horse Country Inn The Spotted Horse Country Inn Description The Spotted Horse Country Inn is located in the beautiful Kamberg Valley, set in the dramatic foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains. All four bedrooms share the shadows of Mount Lebanon, Mount Cleopatra and Giant’s castle and can be booked on a B & B or self catering basis. We have DSTV in the main Bar area or a quiet lounge with log fire, where you can sit and chill or hire a dvd. There is a bar menu available from Noon - 3pm and 7pm - 9pm, offering anything from Toasties to Steak or Trout. Come join us and find out why the Spotted Horse Country Inn is known as "everybody's second home." Browse our Web site for more information about the Spotted Horse. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Spotted Horse representative regarding our Country Inn, please contact Alyson on 073 064 8899 or Sam on 072 153 6337. The History of the Sans Souci Farm The History of the Spotted Horse Country Inn Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a derelict dairy on the Sans Souci Farm. The farmer, Rick Johnson, one of the last modern cowboys, put a classified add in the newspaper asking for business ideas. The intrepid and enigmatic Karen appeared next a burnt wall, lifted her proud chin and stated; There will be beautiful rooms and fireplaces, there will be fantastic food and wine, and there will be enough home to share. And so started the rehabilitation of the dairy. Friends, farmers, and sometimes people with favors outstanding, arrived on Sunday afternoons and sometimes after a days work to paint, thatch, lay tiles, drink a beer, and make the bunks inside the rooms (they’re that big). Finally, after many broken nails, cuss words and laughs, business commenced November 2005. Happy days! The Johnson Family moved from Pretoria to Kamberg in 1982. They just fell in love with the area and bought the San Souci Farm. San Souci means No worries / cares in French. The farm was just land and the Johnson family spent the next 15 years building more or less everything you see on the farm. San Souci Farm was initially a dairy farm that later expanded into farming cattle and sheep. In 1995 they turned their attention to Appaloosa horses and bought their first Stallion, ”Battlestar” and have never looked back. There are now two herds of horses living on the farm, “Battlestars” herd and Yucatan with his herd. In total there are now over 150 horses living on the farm. All our appaloosas and guides are trained using the Parelli natural horseman ship system (horse whispering). This is a unique training system as it requires the rider to learn how to talk “horse” !!! Contact Details Enquire now View Rates View Directions Attractions We can arrange Horse Riding on the Appaloosa's at a cost of R200 pp for upto 3.5hrs. For the fishermen out there we can also arrange a days Trout fishing on one of the local dams, cost vary from R50 - R100 per day and mostly all dams are catch and release. Hikes to the famous Kamberg rock art can also be arranged, the hike is approximatley 3hrs but is well worth it. Alternatively ask for a picnic and just walk to the waterfall cave in the reserve, it only takes 45mins and is a gentle walk and the view is stunning once there... There are also many mountain bike trails to be tackled, so why not bring your bikes along for the ride...... Facilities Bar open from 6pm till late Tuesday through to Friday. Sat from Noon till late and Sunday Noon till 5pm. There is a bar menu available from *Noon - 3pm and 7pm - 9pm, offering anything from Toasties to Steak or Trout. *Tues - Fri menu only available in the evenings from 7pm. Special offers Free nights accomodation Stay for any 2 nights during July - Sept and get a 3rd nights accomodation free.