Tourism, Accommodation and Historical Attractions of Natal, South Africa

Zulu Culture and Traditions

Zulu Lifestyle, Clothes, Dancing, Religion, Food, Crafts.

History of the Zulus, their marriage and funeral ceremonies, sangomas (witch doctors), inyangas (healers) and Zulu basketwork.

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The Dutch East India Company established a supply station at the Cape of Good Hope to victual vessels to and from their Far East possessions. For more than 100 years, those inhabitants of the Cape were isolated and developed their own culture, religious convictions and language.

They also multiplied and after completing their service, drifted further away, some to establish farms and others to pursue a nomadic way of life up to 500 miles from the Cape. The country to the north was terra incognitaand thought to be full of savages, disease and wild animals.

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Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide