Tourism, Accommodation and Historical Attractions in Natal, South Africa

The Natal Battlefields

The Voortrekkers - The Highveld.

Potgieter finally accepts that the Highveld is the promised land - good rains and grazing and establishes the town of Potchefstroom.

The Highveld

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Potgieter Settles on the Highveld

Potgieter and the other Voortrekkers had settled more peacefully in this area and after being accused of treason after his actions (or lack of them) in the VlugKommando at Ithaleni, he had removed himself from the mainstream of trekker affairs.

However, he regarded most of the Transvaal as his own domain and cherished a dream that he would rule such a territory with suitable segregation of the races.

After arriving back on the highveld from Natal in May 1838 under a cloud of opprobrium, he moved his settlement from the Sand River to a spot near the Vaal river called Potchefstroom (the stream of Chief Potgieter).

He also made treaties with several local chiefs now that the Matabele had removed themselves across the Limpopo.

Potgieter declares his lands independent.

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Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide
Natal Accommodation Guide