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The Natal Battlefields

The Voortrekkers - The Age of Evangelism.

The late 18th century was the start of the missionary age and reports of the abuse of local people by the Dutch were reported back.

The Age of Evengelism

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Earnest Clerics

The early nineteenth century marked a revival of evangelism in England. Earnest missionaries who often had been simple artisans before entering the church (like Robert Moffat (right) of Kuruman and David Livingstone fame who had been a gardener) flocked to the new colonies to uplift the locals.

more experience of the life of the Afrikaners and were more diplomatic in their approach to their ministries, the friction would certainly not have been as great.

The English Government takes up the Torch

The revival in liberalism was also apparent in the English Government where anti slavery, child apprenticeship and pass laws were abolished, resulting, according to the Boers, in aggravating increases in stock theft. Further, Hottentots were enrolled as soldiers to enforce the Cape laws.

The Afrikaners were even more distressed when, in matters of dispute between master and servant, the side of the servant was almost invariably taken, the servant often being abetted by the local missionary.

When Boers were summoned to a magistracy as a result of an allegation of mistreatment by a servant or former servant it meant that he had to leave his wife and family unprotected often for several weeks.

The Sixth Border War creates more pressure on the Dutch farmers

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