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The Natal Battlefields

The Jacobs Concentration Camp.

In close proximity to the Merebank concentration camp two further concentration camps were erected.
Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps

The Second Boer War - The Jacobs Concentration Camp.

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Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps

The Jacobs camp was erected approximately three kilometres north of Merebank during February 1902.

Jacobs was the final Natal concentration camp to close during February 1903 when the last inhabitant, Heila de Beer, aged 15, passed away. During its existence 47 people died and were buried in the Jacobs concentration camp cemetery.

The Wentworth concentration camp opened during March 1902, about 1 kilometre from the Jacobs camp. This camp was one of the first camps to close down during September 1902. Only 17 inhabitants died in the Wentworth camp.

Each of these two camps housed 3,000 people. The Jacobs and Wentworth concentration camps were the closest to the ideal concentration camps for the British authorities and reflected all the lessons learned from the camps in the Transvaal and Free State.

They were preplanned in totality as small towns with decent housing, schools, hospitals as well as enough equipment and supplies and competent superintendents. This kind of planning made life more bearable for the inhabitants and easier for administration.

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Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps
Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps
Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps