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Howick Concentration Camp.

Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps

The Second Boer War - Howick Concentration Camp.

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 Queueing for rations at Howick

The second Natal camp to open in Natal was at Howick during January 1901. The 3300 inhabitants of this camp, who came from both the Free State and the Transvaal were all housed in tents.

Most amenities were available to the notoriously republican inhabitants of this camp, while many worked on farms in the area or relaxed next to the Umgeni River.

Boer graves at Howick Concentration Camp  - Great Boer WarThe Howick camp were closed during October 1902. Approximately 155 deaths occurred in the Howick camp. The dead are honoured by a monument erected by the War Graves Commission.

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Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps
Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps
Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps