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The Eshowe Concentration Camp.

The Eshowe concentration camp existed from October 1901 until April 1902.
Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps

The Second Boer War - Eshowe Concentration Camp.

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This camp with its 250 inhabitants were located at Fort Curtis outside Eshowe. Very few of the inhabitants were bona fide concentration camp inmates, with the vast majority being surrendered burghers or "hendsoppers" (quitters) from the Vryheid district who brought their livestock along and were allowed by the British to continue farming in Zululand under the administration of the Eshowe camp.

Those surrendered Boers without property were transferred, along with the few captured women and children to Merebank and Wentworth. Only four deaths occurred in this camp.

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Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps
Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps
Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps