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The Natal Battlefields

Second Boer War Concentration Camps.

The British seek to defeat the Boers through a scorched earth policy of destroying crops and farms. The Boer women, children and Africans are herded into insanitary concentration camps.
Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps

The Second Boer War - The Concentration Camp.

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With the onset of the guerilla phase of the Anglo-Boer War the British intensified the scorched earth policy whereby farmhouses, property and livestock were destroyed.

This military strategy included the removal of Boer women and children as well as the Black population of the Boer Republics and concentrating them in towns with easy access to railroads and transport.

These hastily erected concentration camps were overcrowded with inadequate accommodation, meagre rations, poor sanitary conditions, poor management and lack of space. The result of this was a horrific death rate and an international outcry.

To address this criticism and to relieve the pressure on the Transvaal and Free State Boer concentration camps it was decided to increase the number of concentration camps in Natal.

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Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps
Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps
Boer Prisoner POW of War Camps