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The Natal Battlefields

The 1879 AngloZulu War -

The discovery of diamonds and gold in the Transvaal prompted the British to incorporate firstly the Zulu and then the Boer territories.

The Anglo Zulu War of 1879 - the Causes

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The Causes of the War

The discovery of diamonds in 1867 and then gold in 1871 changed South Africa overnight from a backwater to a colony with prospects. Britain was approaching bankruptcy, having financed incessant wars for many years and also, watching with envy the rising power of the United States and Germany. The British Government however, was faced with two British colonies, two independent Boer republics and several independent African states. The answer - to the British - was confederation, all under the Union Jack.


Cetshwayo was the Zulu king and had for some years been manipulated by the British against the Transvaal Boers as Zululand was seen as a large untapped resource of mine labour. The Zulus had no inclination to work for the white man and had rejected both settlers and missionaries.

The Campaign

On 11th December 1878 on the basis of several minor border disputes, the British met with the Zulu chiefs and contrived an ultimatum to Cetshwayo that virtually disarmed the entire Zulu nation. An answer was expected within twenty days. The Zulus predictably required more time - taken by the British as a refusal.

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